In 2018 the SNO (Society of the Hospital Neurosciences) approved the renewal of a Section dedicated to the young colleagues belonging to the world of Neurosciences. The current socio-cultural background underlines the necessity to focus on the education and training of young physicians, residents and students in order to reply to the progressively growing demand for a turnover and for the continuity of high levels of care. The structure of the SNO provides an exceptional environment throughout all Europe, allowing specialists and young physicians in training in all the branches of the Neurosciences to be unified in a common team. The multi-disciplinary profile has always distinguished the SNO, encouraging the sharing of different competences to enrich the clinical debates. Young physicians, residents and students represent a fundamental source for the SNO and for this reason several educational and formative initiatives will be scheduled. The first step, however, will be focused on the aspect of the Training system. The SNO will organize the first International SNO Youth Forum, coordinated by Dr. Arturo Consoli and Dr. Luca Valvassori, in collaboration with the “Club Neurovasculaire Ile-de-France”, situated in Paris, France. The aim of this Forum will be to share the experience about the Educational and Training Programs for the three main branches of the Neurosciences (Neurologists, Neuroradiologists and Neurosurgeons) in Italy, France and throughout Europe and to try to identify adequate proposals to suggest to the competent Authorities. Part of the Forum will be dedicated to the discussion of clinical cases with the participation of a delegation of young French colleagues belonging to the world of the Neurosciences. This and other projects will put the Youth at the heart of the future.